Message from Executive Director

 Children are indication of tranquility of the the World, But the reality isn't fare able situation of the Children in the world. It is the children who are most affected by war everywhere. Also Nepal is no omission in the regards.

      Hundreds of Thousands of children have been affected by the different time, natural disaster,landslide, and horrible earthquake of Nepal . In this period more than 3000 children lost their lives, at least 200 thousands children were internally displaced, at least 9000 lost their parents and the thousands other landed inhazardous working situation .Hundreds of thousands of children who have to endured pain, got injured witnessed violence lost their near and dear ones and who have been a part of conflicting parties suffered from psycho social problems. The affect of different types horrible situation is irreparable but children bring hopes for reconciliation  transformation. We are witnessing historical change in the political scenario of Nepal as it has entered state kingdom and to a new era after the successful first historical New constitutional of 2015 . 

  While working with children in hazardous period   for their relief, socialization education, counselling,Nutrients food, Special health care, properly accommodation, and family reintegration.  We learnt a great deal about how to minimize the effects of passion on children.

The 16 years development journey of Children welfare association has become a milestone in the history  of NGO movement  in Nepal Has experienced many ups and downs during this period but its committed to secure , destitute children life  different community in Nepal. Currently we are up grading Grade A Position after our big effort, regularly hardworking Please join your hand to achieve to higher goal on coming days.

I am great full to our international donor Children welfare Association Switzerland and Specially Our financial heart Mr Peter Vecker and Mrs.Barbara and Regarding, organization, who have providing financial support and great assistance.

      I am also thankfull to our cooperative Board members and all the other, officials staffs, members, who have given us encouragement, to achieve the goals and mission of the organization. Finally I would like to whole heartily thank all my lovely children and colleagues for their commendable contribution.       

Best Regard 

 Bijay Kumar Pradhan

Executive Director