Message from Executive Director

 Children are indication of tranquility of the the World, But the reality isn't fare able situation of the Children in the world. It is the children who are most affected by war everywhere. Also Nepal is no omission in the regards.

      Hundreds of Thousands of children have been affected by the different time, natural disaster,landslide, and horrible earthquake of Nepal . In this period more than 3000 children lost their lives, at least 200 thousands children were internally displaced, at least 9000 lost their parents and the thousands other landed inhazardous working situation .Hundreds of thousands of children who have to endured pain, got injured witnessed violence lost their near and dear on....  Read More

Why Us!

Children Welfare Association aims to bring all round development to children living in the rural 

areas, home less, parents less poor communities and to those who are found to be working as a child labour or on the street by providing them proper housing, fooding ,best education, clothing, adequate medical care and a nurturing home to provide a secure start to life. In total our organization is caring for 14boys and 19 girls, over 33 children residential and 18 children non residential with a full scholarship. We had rehabilitate 8 children from our home after received higher education and self depending training. We are caring 6 senior girls under the mid way house for providing additional knowledge about self depending on coming days. Our home is purely one social organization with the mission of allowing people to easily participate in helping our children.