District Coordination Office Pokhara is regularly conducting DPAC meeting of the NGO'S working on the social sector around the district for monitoring about the project as well as for the pre approval of the budget for upcoming years.For the meeting, there is one committee with the inclusion of government officer from different sector like tax office, Health sector, NGO federation office, DDC, DAO, Social Welfare Ministry, Local government representation from particular ward and Pokhara Municipality. We CWA team were also participated on the meeting on 30th of June for presenting our yearly progress, expenses , upcoming project and budget planning presentation among the different government bodies.
    Our Executive director Mr.Bijay Kumar Pradhan had shown the presentation among the members from this different sectors. The government bodies had raised the different questions according to their field. We became success to fulfill their all the criteria requirement and became able to receive the pre-approval for 2077/2079(2020/2022).