• AGM 2019

    19th Annual General Meeting, Social Audit and Award Program

    August 14th 2019,

    The 19th annual general meeting, Social Audit and Awarding Program of CWA was organized on 14th August 2018 under the chairing Indira Baral who is chairman of CWA. Gandaki Province Vice Chairperson of Home of Ministry Honorable Mrs. Srijana Sharma was the chief guest of the program. CWA Executive Director Mr.Bijay Kumar Pradhan was hosting program as master of ceremony. Most of the General Member had not participated on the program and counts to 97. It was our hnor that our CWA Switzerland Chairperson Barbara Renstch and Vice-Chairperson Peter Vecker walso participating on our program.The program was conducted right in time. Total 82 number of guest had participated on the program include chief guest, general guest and board members. Including all the management team we are total 95memebrs participated on the 19th Annual General Meeting 2019.The program was starting with the Welcome speech and national anthem. The welcome speech was given by our CWA Nepal Vice-Chairperson Basanta Subedi. He present the general scenario of CWA and heartedly welcome to all the guest.The formal program was started by watering on Flower pots by the Province Vice Chairperson honorable Srijana Sharma. She had made to put water flowers on the 3flower pots.1st Flower pots represents the watering for wellness for the future of children inside CWA children home,2nd Flower pots represents the watering for the good future of street child and 3rd Flower pots for the wellness of children all over the world.Rana Bahadur Thapa Chairperson of Pokhara-18,Rajib Pahari and Ramji Baral the chief parliament head of Gandaki Province had also participated on our program as a special guest on our program.

    The second part of the program was the speech announcement from the secretary. Unfortunately our secretary was unable to attend so the speech was presented by our CWA Treasurer Mr.Shiva thapa about the general scenario of CWA, yearly works and activities, some details of expenses and future planning of CWA.

    The Social Audit was starting main part of program. The Social audit was including  evaluation all history organization background, financial situation, income and expenses details, mission, vision, aim , result, Program affection for community, challenge, resource, human resource, transparency ,property,management Policy, operation Policy, Beneficiary Peoples, Target Group and oncoming program with big presentation. We were hiring Mr Bhim Raj Poudel Who background Lawyer & Social worker. The Presentation was running about half an hour in front of all peoples. Governmental Affiliation, Property of CWA, Institutional rules and Policy, Facility on overall development of Child sector, Field of working and the organic farm plus including. The social report was prepared with the details study of CWA.He had meet the Chairperson of the Board,Principal Pampha Gurung of Little Step School and our rehabilited children Dikshya Gaha Magar for preparing genuine report.

    After that CWA Ed Bijay Kumar Pradhan announce the speech about awarded personalities going to be awarded and reason for award. He was announcing journalist award as Senior Child welfare Journalist award 076 for Ganesh Kumar Shrestha. He is the Managing Director of 3Angel Radio and Online Media who had writing more than 100 news about child protection & child. So he was receiving Cash Award 6000.00 plus appreciation letter from CWA. The Second Award Child Journalist Award 076 for Suman Thapa Magar. She was affiliating in Parichay Network and different online Media. She was writing more than 150 news of child protection and Children Homes. She was receiving Cash award Nrs 4000.00 with Appreciation Letter at General meeting. Similarly. We had provided Child protection Award 076 to Prem Bahadur Songman.He had work more than three decades on the field of Child and was the past director of CWIN.The Female Child Protection award 2076 was given to Nima Gurung who had actively work in the field of child sector by being Program Director of CWSN.They were awarded with Appreciation Certificate and Shawl only.

    Like before this year also we had announce to provide Best Staff Award 2076 to Mrs. Parbati Poudel who was working as House Mother at CWA since from 7 years. She was out-standing with her good performance at CWA among the all junior Staffs.

    Gandaki Province Parliament Chief Rajib Pahari was giving wishing speech about children homes and CWA Quality all overs the children homes. He was focusing for Policy of government and real needed of Children homes and express that the policy are under formation in the parliament. He was describing Children Welfare Association children and Management. It was leading best quality and best caring for orphanage children of Nepal. He said that they are working for policy mechanism for the welfare of different child related issues. He wish for the success of Children Welfare Association. He said that they are positive on Children issue and promised to help on the need.


    The next speech was given by the Chairperson of Nepal News Reporter Association Mr.Dipendra Shrestha. He said that he was happy that less news reporter only gets award in context of Nepal. He said that he was happy that two new reporter were awarded. He also mentioned that they had received the award first time in the context of working of their more than 10years.He had expressed the situation of street child and women. He also questioned to the government member that you always said that the Children were the future pillars but you don’t mentioned who are the present pillars. So he suggest to make the present first better and work out to make better future with co-ordination.

    The next session includes the award ceremony for our honorable CWA Switzerland Board Members Barbara Renstch and Peter Vecker. After that our CWA Switzerland board members Peter Vecker and Barbara Renstch put some views.They express their feeling of thankful to all the board members,CWA Nepal ED Bijay Kumar Pradhan and all the management team for making CWA possible to reach A or even A+. They also mentioned the situation of Europe and was thankful for coordinating with CWA Nepal since from many years before. They also express that they yearly used to visit the children home for transparent and efficient work.

    In this program we had provide the Certificate of Appreciation to our SEE 2075 exam passed children.  Mr.Binod B.K had got the appreciation for scoring B grade (2.75) and Mr.Bishal Timilsina for getting B+ grade (3.05) from the hand of the Chief Guest. They were very happy and felt motivated for receiving such award.

    After this session,Children Homes Federation Nepal Central Vice Chairman Goma Dhakal express her words about current situation of Child Homes and Children.  She thanks CWA team for nice home policy management and conduction of program which are fruitful for the children. She also mentioned that she was happy to see the positive development on the thinking of people about the sensitive area that is children in this interval of 14years time after starting of her work on the field of child. She congrats to all the awarded personalities for receiving award and express her hope that to see more effort on their work on coming days.

    High School Association HISAN Vice President and the director of Little Step Higher Secondary School Mr Sher Bahadur Gurung , where our all children studies express his word about the present education standards and situation of Nepal. He told that he likes to tell the CWA team as image of god as all team are working for the welfare of needy children. He put his wishes for the progress of Future of CWA. He also express that he was always ready for maintaining the quality of education of children. He express his feeling that it had been 37years that he had enroll in the field of school but express guiltiness that still he is not being able to start the sustainability concept like in CWA.

    As a representative from all the awarded personalities Child Protection Award 2076 receive Prem Bahadur Songman express some views about the award and CWA. He felt that he was so happy to receive the award. He also wishes for the development of CWA in the coming days. He express that the award had added extra energy to him for giving more effort on the field of children.

    The president of Pokhara-18 Rana Bahadur Thapa expresses his view about the standard and quality of Children Welfare Association. He mentioned that this organization is not only example of Gandaki Province but was of all over Nepal. He mentioned that he was proud to say Children Welfare Organization was in our ward. He also includes some qualities of Himali Children home Bhakunde. He mentioned that it was difficult to them to work because this Pokhara-18 is the only one ward having 10wards on its border surroundings which makes them difficult to tackle the problems. He wishes for furthermore progress of CWA.


    Honorable Ramji Baral(Jeevan),Gandaki Province Parliament member expresses his views expressing that the standard of the organization is better than imagination. He said that, "Most of others only express their word but don’t do in practical. But in CWA its better than expectation". He was impressed with the sustainability concept of CWA." The organic Farm and Cow Farm was the most impressive work" he said. Being a person of this Pokhara in a post of Government law making office, he said that they will support as much they can on the policy making mechanism. He wish for the more progress of organization.



    The Chief Guest Honorable Srijana Shrama was giving Chief Guest speech. She was giving big thank you to us for Great work, best caring, to providing chance to as chief guest. She mentioned that she was surprised by seeing such a well-managed facilities in CWA. She mentioned that she was always positive in the children issues and suggest to co-ordinate for Birth certificate and Citizenship. She said that NGO's are doing the job that has to be done by Nepal Government. So she likes to appreciate for the nice work. She that she is direct in contact with the National Social and Development Minister Tham Maya and other group to work for solving the problem of street child and other issues. She said that she is always ready to work for wellness with co-ordination. She express lots of congratulation to those who were been awarded on the program. She wish Best of Luck to CWA for being better to best.

    The program was ended with the final thank you speech from our CWA Nepal Chairman Ms.Indira Baral Sapkota. She thanks all the guest for participating in the program. She also thanks to all the management team and staff for making possible to lead the organization to this level.


    Finally the Program was closed with distribution of token of love to all the guest and journalist after providing to the Chief Guest and Special Guest with a group photo.All guest was participated at Khaja. We had completed the General meeting and Social audit in timely. The program was completed on time with well organization.

    Thank you very much to your great support.