• 3days Sauraha-Lumbini tour
    CWA has organized a children 3days  Sauraha-lumbini tour to all children,Staff & board members.The tour remained very beneficial for children to know about the culture , religious place, flora & fauna.

    The details activities done in the tour are mentioned below.

    1st Day (13th Dec 2018)

    Early in the morning the wakeup call for children was at 4:45am .With light breakfast, biscuits & tea we started our journey from CWA at 6:10am. We are total 47 members participating in the tour. Two board members Pashupati & Dr.Prakash was participated with us for the tour. Though the weather was too cold in the morning time, all the coldness is reduced in children due to the excitement of tour & entertainment of the tour.

    At around 7:20a.m we reached and stopped at Ghasikuwa having the historical value to make children known about the place. We take some group photos near the park and provide the information to children about the historical belief about that place. "It holds a historical belief about the poetry capacity building of the famous Nepali poet Bhanu Bhakta . Bhanubhakta was a young boy from a wealthy family and was leading a luxurious life. He met a poor grass cutter who in spite of his poverty wanted to build a well (kuwa in Nepali) to help the travelers to quench their thirst and be remembered even after death. This made Bhanu Bhakta realize that despite being a wealthy and educated person, despite being “Bhanu Bhakta” he wasn't doing anything good for the public. This encounter is said to have inspired Bhanubhakta to do something remarkable in life. Thus as a later he became success to translate the Ramayana in Nepali and development of his career in poetry". After this we continued our destination at 7:50am from Ghasi Kuwa.

    After 1hour 30minutes we reached in our next destination Marsyangdi Hydro-electricity project. We took some group photo there and provide children information about the electricity generation thesis. We then continued our drive and stopped at Mugling to show children the Nepal's first curve bridge which was under construction in Mugling. We left Prithivi Highway & stopped at Madan Ashrit Highway near Mugling for dry breakfast which we have packed from CWA. We took some group photo there and refreshed in the bank of Narayani River. We reached to our first day destination at about 12 o'clock. We management team first work out for the room division and management for all children, attended board member and staff. We provided some time before lunch for children for refreshment and prepare schedule for the day. Children had their lunch at 1o'clock. We fixed the time for Jeep Safari at 2o'clock. We hire 4jeeps for the Safari by division of staff members on each jeep. It was a great surprise and more entertainment for the children that they are engaged in Safari. With excitement we entered in the Chitwan National Park. We got individual one guide in each jeep for guiding us. It was so much fun to children that they can got a chance to see the animal and species live nearby them which they have just seen in television before. We got a chance to saw one-horned rhinoceros, Crocodile, Deer(Barking deer, Spotted dear and Sam buck deer), Peacock, Chakhewa bird(Ruddy Shelduck), owl, Wild elephant,etc and various species of plants. With lots of excitement we stopped for a while in the lake inside National park to have some group photos and rest.Safari was fruitful for the children to know practically about the flora and fauna which they just had read in book only. We return back to hotel after 2hour 15minutes Safari and had some breakfast.

    We then did not waste our time and directly start our journey to Elephant Breeding Farm in Sauraha. As we were known that it will be closed at 5pm we walk faster to reach there. We luckily got chance to look the breeding farm. We all got a chance to know about the breeding environment of Elephant and their habitat. We also got a chance to know about how training was given to Elephant to make them capable for ride business. We visited the museum with bones and sculpture of Elephant inside that farm too. At 6:15pm we returned to the hotel, refreshed and had our dinner at 7o'clock.At 8o'clock we arranged for the Tharu Culture Dance performed by the local people of Sauraha to make other known about their unique culture. The unique musical instruments, amazing dance, dress, fire dance was the most attractive and entertaining activities of that cultural show. All children are happy to see the cultural activities live. We then started the group dance with all children and staff. Campfire at the very cold night was the last activities of our first day of tour. With singing and fun all children move toward bed at 9.45pm.

    2nd Day (14th Dec 2018)

    Our journey of 2nd day was too long so we arranged a wakeup call to children at 5:00am.After breakfast at Sauraha we started our journey to Lumbini through Mahendra Highway at 5:45am. Early morning it was too cold and dark,most of the children slept in bus. After one &half hour travel, we reached at CG temple. A temple full with ancient monument design built by Nepal's richest man Binod Chaudhary in Kawasoti. It added more excitement on children too. We had some group photos , visited the place early in the morning. We missed the underground museum in CG temple which they told will be opened at 10o'clock. CG temple was a very beautifully architecture place with inscription of 8 different cultural monuments and design. We then continued our journey with singing from music teacher & big boys in the bus and entertainment in the bus. Then we stopped at Dawunney where we got a chance to visit the temple at highest height of Terai region. We were amazed by the geographical structure of Nepal that the so big high mountain was also present at the plain of Terai. We together worshipped the Dawunney Temple and some children stay in the bus with singing and fun.

    After that we continued our journey to Lumbini .At 11:30am we stopped at Butwal and had our lunch.And we headed toward Lumbini. We are so worried that it will be late to return Pokhara that we had prepare only 2days for the tour.We reached to Lumbini at 1 o'clock. We together visited the Maya Devi Temple and Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini. We took some group photos in Lumbini and make children known about the Ashoka pillar and Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini.

    We visit together near the surrounding area of Maya Devi Temple with group photos,visited on the monuments and Stupa made with different design by different countries in surrounding areas and did boating in the artificial lake made in the Lumbini. We had lot of fun during boating in the lake . It was already 3:30pm after the boating. We were too much hurried and plan to stay at Palpa at the day because the journey was known to takes more than 9hours from Butwal to Pokhara at night time. After this plan we plan to visit Isha home near Butwal. We visited Isha home,had some breakfast there and headed toward Palpa. With singing and entertainment on the bus we headed towards Palpa through Siddhartha highway & reached at Palpa at 8:00pm. We booked a hotel and arrange on the room setting to all children and staff.After setting and refreshment we had our dinner at Palpa at 9:00am. As all children are tired,all children are sent to bed for sleeping at 10:00pm. In this way our second day was completed on the tour.



    3rd Day (15th Dec 2018)

    We made a wakeup call at 6o'clock in the morning and had our breakfast at Palpa. We prepared a plan to visit nearby places in Palpa. At 7:00am we headed toward Tudikhel Palpa, have some group photos & got a chance to look the world biggest Karuwa in Palpa.We then move towards the ancient palace of Palpa in Tansen. We did not have a chance to enter inside the palace but looked from outside as it only opened at 10 o'clock. We look it from outside and have some group photos. We made children aware about the historical values of that place with group information. We have to return Pokhara at this day so we shorten our Palpa visit and move towards the bus. We headed towards Pokhara from Palpa at 9:30am. Children were busy in singing and were little bit afraid about the road situation located on the top of high hills.We visited on Kaligandaki Bridge on Mirmi and have some noodles breakfast on bus. At Syangja we all got a chance to taste local orange of Syangja. With fun and entertainment,we returned back to CWA at 3:00pm.

    Overall our tour remain fruitful that children got a chance to learn about the wildlife, plants, ancient monuments,sculpture, temples, places with famous religious values & refreshment.