Organization Introduction:


ChildrenWelfare Association(Bal Kalyan Sanstha) is working on the field of protectionand caring of orphan and needy child since from 17years. We are caring childrenin Impeccable Residential care according Standard for operation andManagement of residential child care home 2012, direct care inside homeand more than 25 children on fully scholarship and family support inNepal. This organization is operated with the financial support of CWA SwissOrganization. Our Children home is a "A" Grade category home definedby District Child Welfare Board Of Nepal Kaski.

ChildrenWelfare Association aims to bring all round development to children living inthe rural areas,home less, parents less poor communities and to those who are found to beworking as a identify less venerable child labor or on the street by providingthem proper housing, food, best education, clothing, adequate medical care,child friendly environment, quality child development training childcounseling, child friendly and development activities  and a nurturing home to provide a secure startto life. In total our organization is caring for 14boys and 19 girls, over33 children residential and 25 children nonresidential with a full scholarship.We had rehabilitate 13 children from our home after received higher educationand self-depending training. We are caring 3 senior girls under the mid wayhouse for providing additional knowledge about self depending for their lifecycle  on coming days. Our home is purelyone social organization with the mission of allowing people to easilyparticipate in helping our children.


ChildrenWelfare Association is a not-for-profit, non-political, humanitarianorganization and is not affiliated with any religious group or organization. Itis registered as an NGO in Nepal with the motives of furthering developmentactivities for the needy children and women’s sector of Nepal and is affiliatedwith the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. CWA is dedicated to providingeducation, healthcare and love in a safe home-style environment for the poor,needy, orphaned and abandoned children, giving school support for the childrenfrom poor economic families, offering hearing treatments for those with hearinglosses, granting financial assistance to start small businesses, traininginessential skills for jobs, as well as, arranging a unique opportunity forpeople from around the world to get involved in social work.


  • ·        Tocreate always disadvantage children happiness and joyful life under the carewith family atmosphere for child friendly environment up to rehabilitationperiod.
  • ·        Toprovide child friendly Protection, Quality education, secure health, childdevelopment, participation, child development activities, best counselling,friendly house.
  • ·        Tohelp attention and Protection as many Orphan, venerable, Helpless children andcommunities as possible in a sustainable way with residential care under thisorganization.
  • ·        Motivatedto run the entire program in a very transparent, proficient and efficient waywith the help of local team, partner organizations and foreign experts.
  • ·        Providingopportunities to each & every individual throughout the world to changetheir lives while changing many lives in Nepal.



  • Happiness and joyful life of children, dignity and responsibility  children, self-motivated self-depending and Quality production of child for community, with superiority skill full   rehabilitation   
  • Securing childhood in giving them a nice perfect and safe home as well as taking care of a good education and ensure a good perspective for the future.
  • Maternities can take care for their own children and ensure them a secure childhood with a good school education.
  • Single woman have skills and opportunities to work according their quality inside our Program.
  • People can life self-reliant, dignified lives in Nepal.
  • Strengthening local people's potential for their self-sustainability and honorable life.