• Parent less ( Total orphan or semi orphan)
  • Approved from Local Government, District Child welfare Board, District Administration Office.
  • Very risk condition of children no alternative out of Child care home
  • Submit Documents for admission Application
    1. Application from Child relative
    2. Birth Certificate according to she/his age 
    3. Dead or  parent  unknown  Certificate 
    4. Local Government Refer Letter
    5. Approved from District Child Welfare Board and District Administration Office .
    6. Citizen ship of Parent or Relative 
    7. Local Community referral Letter from same village
    8. Child Photo
    Admission Process:
    1. Approval on Name of CWA from DCWB Kaski
    2. Approved Donor and Board
    3. Family and Field visit  & collection all data
    4.  Counseling to child according condition
    5. Child admission contract sign organization and applicant.